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Bank Robbers Busted by GPS-Equipped Cash

In what sounds like a plot from a bad comedy, three Illinois bank robbers were busted by cops who followed them using a GPS device hidden within the stolen cash. It's part of a new security measure that could make solving robberies much simpler.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Timothy Rucker, 33, Phillip Griffen, 31, and Brandon Barnes, 25, stole about $9,000 from a TCF Bank by pointing a gun at a teller on December 30th in Calumet City. The trio fled to the basement of one crook's parents with a nylon bag stuffed full of cash. However, the dumb criminals didn't realize that two credit-card-sized GPS devices had been hidden between some of the bills. Illinois Bankers Association spokeswoman Debbie Jemison explained that a few state banks began this practice about two years ago, so that police need only to follow the signal right to the criminals and the cash. Turns out, it works.

We've seen criminals get outsmarted by a GPS device before, so this story isn't totally surprising. It is pretty embarrassing, though. These suckers barely had time to take off their shoes in their ma's house before the cops were on them. That's some swift justice. [From: The Chicago Tribune, via: Wired]

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