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Soon, AT&T Will Help You Track Your Kids and Packages

What's AT&T to do, now that it has a solid foothold in the cell phone service market? According to Reuters, the wireless provider will make deals to bring its service to 20 new devices this year -- expanding both its reach and our freedom to roam while staying connected.

Speaking at CES 2010, Glenn Lurie, head of emerging devices, said these gadgets will include (but not be limited to) e-readers, small computers, tracking devices, and digital picture frames. Over the next few years, Lurie said this expansion could bring in around $1 billion in annual revenue for the company, and tracking devices could bring the most business in 2010. AT&T would provide the service for a range of location-aware devices, enabling you to use GPS to keep tabs on anything from your child to a package. (Good thing, too, because who doesn't often misplace both?)

In addition, AT&T is already working with Amazon and Barnes & Noble, both major e-reader suppliers. Also on the horizon, Lurie said, there are plans to bring more wireless features to cars. For example, passengers riding in the back could control the stereo or the driver could control safety features. Expect battles for radio control to become even more heated.

What a world, right? Soon you'll be able to read a digital book while turning off the passenger side airbag in your car and checking to make sure your kid hasn't left the backyard, while also figuring out what's taking that dang Snuggie you ordered so long to get here -- all from that comfy couch. Could life get any easier? [From: Reuters, via: Yahoo! News]

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