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Smartfish Keyboard Splits as You Type, Fights Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI Fighting Moving Keyboard Shown Off at CES
There's no end to wacky devices that, so claim the manufacturers and doctors, combat stress on your hands and wrists, a consequence inherent to working on a computer all day. There are split keyboards and ones with obscure letter layouts, but Smartfish has the first keyboard we've seen that automatically moves in order to keep the blood flowing and reduce the strain.

The ErgoMotion Keyboard monitors the frequency of your typing and adjusts itself accordingly. The two halves of the keyboard shift along a slightly curved horizontal axis, and the height and angle is dynamically adjusted to keep your wrists angled for improved circulation. In our brief hands-on, we found the slow and subtle motion minimally disruptive to our typing. You're typing speed will slow down while the keys shift, but we weren't at all compelled to stop completely and let the keyboard finish moving before continuing.

This March, when the keyboard becomes available (directly through Smartfish and through Hitachi), it will retail for $149.95. It's steep, but a portion of the proceeds go to benefit the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Education Fund. As those who suffer from carpal tunnel or other repetitive stress injuries well know, you can't put a price on comfort.

Check out the video and gallery below.

ErgoMotion Keyboard

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