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Polaroid Hires Her, Monster Endorses Her, But We Just Love Lady Gaga

She could team up with any industry in the world, but songstress and superstar Lady Gaga has a taste for tech. "Pokerface" debuted with her Heartbeats headphones, and a Wii even appeared in "Bad Romance." But yesterday, Polaroid announced that the platinum provocateur will be its new creative director, shifting parts of the brand back to the instant film development that made it famous.

So, it isn't a bad day at a gadget show when a reporter gets to stalk Lady Gaga. The Lady participated in a double-whammy announcement, securing her place as the new diva of electronics (sorry, Bill Gates). At Polaroid's press conference, the team took pains to convey that this isn't an endorsement; Gaga is part of the company.

The role is rather unclear, but Gaga turned to the audience to explain that this wasn't branding -- that there would be no cameras emblazoned with her face (or, as it were at CES, her picture hair hat made from a bright white weave). Instead, she is hoping to redefine the brand, which stopped making instant film in 2008, much to the singer's chagrin. Whatever she ends up doing, personal presentation is Gaga's trademark, so helping Polaroid enter the new decade as a retro-chic brand (a bit like the '70s camera Holga, which got a second life thanks to its gritty, artistically unreliable depictions) might be just the gig for her.

Across the way, geeky Gaga fans headed directly over to Monster, the company that manufactures her headphones. The Heartbeats aren't as popular as Dr. Dre's own collaboration with the company, Beats by Dre, but they do have a sweet, bejeweled touch and more appeal than most gadgets geared toward gals. During the conference, which also featured Dre, the two musicians explained that the next iteration of their collaboration will involve Project Red, the celebrity-laden initiative that fights AIDS in Africa. Dre unveiled his Solo Beats, which are smaller than the originals, and Gaga said that her new ones, dubbed Heartbeats Solo, will come with an exclusive, acoustic version of "Pokerface."

Sound and sight seem to be the New Yorker's forte, and these ventures are much more thrilling than, say, a fashion diffusion line or a perfume deal. And though the majority of patrons at CES were confused by her funeral-inspired get-up (most people mistaking her hat-like hairstyle for an actual hat), Gaga may be a permanent addition to the tech world.

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