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AOL Tech Lets You Anonymously Ask Questions

Anonymously Ask Questions at Formspring.Me

Imagine a service completely dedicated to asking and answering questions anonymously. What sort of questions would you ask? Would you push people to reveal their darkest secrets or deepest desires? Or would you ask pointless things like "do you believe in ghosts?"

Sadly, seems to trend toward the latter. The service, which Valleywag's Foster Kamer described as "crack-like," combines everyone's favorite pastimes: over-sharing and voyeurism. You ask questions of specific people via a comment box (with the option to ask anonymously). Respondents, however, not only get to bask in the narcissistic joy of being deemed worthy of interrogation, but can also decide against dignifying a question with a response.

The profile pages and comment boxes encourage users to "ask me anything," just asking that inappropriate, potentially vile questions and comments flood your inbox. That, of course, would require that you know people on the site to pose such lewd queries.

For those who don't get off on the anonymity of, you have the option to tie it into your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account, so that you can over-share about your over-sharing. That ruins some of the mystique and allure of the Q&A service, which is also available via the chatting service Omegle. Then again, we're usually pretty comfortable with asking people uncomfortable questions face-to-face. By the way how is that rash of yours? [From: Formspring.Me, via: Valleywag]

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