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'Tunebug' Turns Any Flat Surface Into a Speaker via Bluetooth

If there's one thing we know about technology, it's that portability often trumps all other attributes. Sure, vinyl might sound warmer, but you're not carting your discs around with you. How do you make a mobile device loaded with music even more portable? You ditch those external speakers and wired headphones.

At CES 2010, Silicon Valley Global revealed a new product that needs only a flat surface and an MP3 player with Bluetooth capabilities (or a similar device with an audio jack) to kick out the jams. Just place Tunebug on anything from a piece of cardboard to a motorcycle helmet, connect it to your music player (computer, iPhone, Zune, etc...), and enjoy the magic of Surfacesound Technology, which involves sending sound waves through the surface of the object.

The wireless Shake attaches to a ski, bike, or any other type of helmet, and costs around $120. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts around five hours. The $70 Vibe is less mobile (using an audio jack instead of Bluetooth) and is meant for use around the house or office. Both land at the end of January, and we'll check out the sound quality once the show floor opens. [From: Tunebug]

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