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10-Year Old Gets X-Rated PSP Surprise on Christmas

All Kade Goodman wanted for Christmas was a PSP game system. Little did he know, however, that he'd be getting two units under the tree this year.

Kade's father, Shon, scoured the Earth for a used PSP, a holiday odyssey that led him to a CD Tradepost in Omaha, where he finally found one at a reasonable price. After opening his golden fleece of a gift, though, 10-year old Kade soon found some, um, "extras" in the device's hard drive -- namely, a picture of another man's genitalia. According to KETV in Omaha, Kade's 13-year old brother actually made the discovery while browsing through some of the background settings on the PSP, and promptly alerted his dad. The photo had apparently been saved by the previous owner, who, we're guessing, simply wanted to mark his PSP territory in the most efficient way he knew how.

The Goodman's couldn't get rid of the image themselves, and finally had to take it back to the store to have it erased. The manager of the store said that they always erase memory cards and hard drives on used PSPs, but this particular slick willy wiggled its way past the sentries because it was saved on the background setting, which, obviously, wasn't checked. The CD Tradepost gave the family a free game to ease their shock, and the father, at least, seems to have taken the surprise in stride, asking only that retailers be more careful next time to ensure that something like this doesn't happen to other families. All trauma aside, then, it seems like this "wee" incident, as most, had a generally "happy ending." [From: KETV]

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