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CES Unveiled: A First Look at the Tech of 2010 5

Scorpion by Eton
At CES 2008 we fell in love with the Eton MicroLink -- a combo radio, flashlight, and emergency gadget charger capable of being powered by AC, solar panel, or hand-crank. The Scorpion is the much more useful big brother. In addition to a higher capacity battery, and a digital tuner for more accurately pulling in those NOAA radio signals, it has a carabiner for clipping to your person, a tough rubber casing, and water-resistant (though not -proof) construction.

IdeaPad U1 Hybrid by Lenovo
We've already given you the down and dirty on the U1 Hybrid, an ultra-portable laptop from Lenovo that, when you pop the screen out of the base, converts to a Linux and Snapdragon-powered multi-touch tablet. But after getting a brief demo and hands-on, we're even more excited. The transition from full Windows machine to lightweight Web-browsing device (and back again) is almost instantaneous, and the build quality you'd expect from the makers of the Thinkpad is already present in this prototype.

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