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Boxee Box Made Even More Official

Boxee Box Made Even More Official
Well, it's official: media-center software suite Boxee is getting a box. The Boxee Box already got a kind-of-sort-of debut, but here at CES, D-Link is giving the angular media streaming device a proper coming out. The chopped and tilted cube can play almost any video or audio format you throw at it over 802.11n, including Flash 10.1 video -- meaning that even if it's not officially supported, there is nothing technically stopping this from playing back content from Hulu. Of course, the device supports the full range of Boxee plug-ins, including Facebook, Twitter, and countless Web video outlets, like Netflix and MLB.TV.

D-Link will start selling the Boxee Box sometime in the first half of the year, though a firm date, or even month has not been set. The device will cost under $200, which we read to mean $199.99. Some details have yet to emerge, such as what hardware is powering the device and whether it's capable of pumping out full 1080p HD video, but we'll make sure to let you know as soon as we do. [From: Engadget]

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