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First Impressions of Google's Nexus One

Hands-On With Official Google Phone: Nexus One

Okay, technically Google's Nexus One is not part of the CES product barrage. The latest Android handset is to be officially unveiled tomorrow at a press event in Google's hometown of Mountain View, California. The phone features a large, high-resolution screen like the Droid, but packs a much faster processor and twice the RAM, making it speedier than the already blazing Verizon flagship model. It's expected to cost $179 with a two-year T-Mobile contract, or $529 unlocked, and be available (by invitation only) starting tomorrow.

If something held you back from pulling the trigger on the Droid, or you are tempted by the iPhone but don't want to sign over your soul to Apple, it might be worth checking out this handset. The phone is sleek, if not jaw-dropping, and is thinner than the iPhone. Sadly, multi-touch isn't present, even though it is officially supported in Android 2.1, thanks to Apple's patent on the technology in the U.S. That's a real shame, since the Nexus One lacks a physical keyboard.

Our friends at Engadget got some hands-on time with the first official Google phone, and came away relatively impressed. Head on over to find out what they thought, and check out the gallery of photos and the video of the unit in action -- including the fancy, but functionless, "live wallpapers," and some minor interface tweaks that add plenty of spit and polish to the Google mobile OS. [From: Engadget]

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