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Thief Pauses to Play Victim's DS

Dumb thieves are really our bread-and-butter here at Switched. We love them. Every time some idiot leaves the original "home" address programmed into a stolen GPS, or stops to check his Facebook mid-heist, we're there to mock him. And when word reached us of an Illinois man who was busted sitting on the couch of his robbery victim -- playing her Nintendo DS -- we paused, chuckled to ourselves, and then said, "Self, you must tell the whole of the Internet about this ridiculousness."

The particularly bizarre part is, according to the Herald News, the victim entered her apartment at 2:45 p.m. on Monday to find the man playing her DS, and promptly fled the premises. When she returned -- almost half an hour later -- the perp was still sitting there!

After getting busted, a second time, the thief finally ran out, and in a moment of head-scratching senselessness, left the DS behind. The victim did report, however, that the crook made off with her pink-case-clad iPod touch. Only real men steal pink, we suppose. [From: Herald News, via: Kotaku]

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