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Man Discovers His Stolen Appliances on eBay

We'll never figure out why thieves think eBay is a good place to sell stolen goods. On the online auction site, these dumb criminals not only have to watch out for the cops, but also for the angry victims trolling the Web for their stuff.

According to the Telegraph, a British man whose house was ransacked and relieved of goods valued at $13,000, tracked down the perpetrator when he noticed his fridge listed on eBay. Tristan Brooks posed as a buyer of the kitchen appliance, which was being held just 30 miles from his home. He asked the seller if he could drive over and measure the fridge to make sure it would fit in his house. After checking the serial numbers, Brooks stepped outside and called the police. They arrested the unnamed man and discovered the rest of Brooks's stuff stashed inside -- an electric oven, some cordless phones, a toaster, a showerhead, a trash can, and a tool case.

Maybe next time, this guy (who, of course, made bail and skipped out on his court appearance) should try selling stuff on Craigslist. We hear you can sell anything on that site. [From: The Telegraph]

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