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New Audi A8 First Production Car Equipped With Google Earth

If you have the cash to drop on a brand-new Audi, you're probably not going to choose one with baseline features. Leather seats, a first-class sound system, a navigation system -- all luxury must-haves. But if you purchase the 2011 Audi A8, according to Engadget, you'll be one of the first drivers on the streets with a built-in navigation system that's equipped with Google Earth. So while you're zipping through rush-hour traffic, you can glance at sweeping 3-D views of your surroundings displayed on an 8-inch LCD screen. The GPRS/EDGE modem, which allows a constant stream of information to flow to the nav system, will highlight Google-sourced points of interest, but you'll also have the option to download other up-to-date information, although it's unclear what that'll be right now.

Before you rush out and put a down payment on this ride, the Google Earth option won't go live until the middle of next year. But that doesn't mean you couldn't still enjoy the A8, so check out the video after the break for a peek at the car. If we start saving now, we should be able to get behind the wheel around 2027. [From: Autoblog, via: Engadget]

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