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Presidential Cabinet Members Must Leave BlackBerrys at the Door

After being rudely interrupted during a press conference earlier this year, we can't blame President Barack Obama for taking a harsh stance on cell phones. After all, there's an economy to fix and a war to win. So when it's time for a cabinet meeting, he's told his staff to leave those BlackBerrys at the door.

But what has us chuckling is the method in place to ensure Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doesn't accidentally pick up Attorney General Eric Holder's phone. CNN discovered that each cabinet member simply writes his or her name on a yellow Post-It note, sticks it to the BlackBerry and drops the device into a wicker basket.

You can check out the video below to learn more about these cabinet meetings, although you won't see the reason behind the system. Our guess is that this lo-tech method is the most cost-effective way to do things during a recession. [From: CNN]

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