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Teen Racks Up $21,917 Cell Phone Bill, Dad Flabbergasted

Ted Estarija's Verizon cell phone bill last month might not reach the astronomical heft of the $85,000 charge we reported about a while back, but $21,917 isn't anything to scoff at, especially in these lean times.

According to CBS News, the Hayward, California resident was surprised with a bill for more than 20 grand after he added his son to their mobile plan. He thought it would cost a mere $50 more a month, and just in case, he also had the phone company restrict his son's calls and texts.

What Estarija forgot about, though, was data usage. In a month, the boy managed to download about 1.33 gigabytes of data -- of what exactly, we'd like to know -- and since Dad's plan did not include coverage, he was charged by the megabyte.

"I was completely caught off guard," he told KTVU-TV in Oakland. "There's no way I can pay this, so [I'll do] whatever I can to get this resolved."

Though Verizon comped the guy's bill after word of his financial woes leaked to the media, Estarija's son, apparently "despondent" over the trouble he'd caused, was not so lucky: Dad suspended the teen's account indefinitely. [From: CBS News and USA Today]

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