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Santa Teams Up With AT&T to Answer Holiday Wishes Via Text

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. And now, he reads your text messages, too. Yes, jolly old St. Nick is hip with texting, thanks to AT&T. (Hey, if Grandma can do it, why not Mr. Claus?) According to Newser, kids can send a text to Santa by using the number 1224 (clever, right?), and he will reply to the question or comment at no extra cost to Mom and Dad, with sweet but prerecorded answers -- hey, Santa gets busy this time of year. This holiday service is part of a larger campaign by the wireless provider for its users, according to a press release, which includes a "Santa Tracker" application for AT&T U-verse TV customers.

Admittedly, this digital Christmas cheer will put a lot of smiles on young faces. But we're a little jealous. After all, we had to hand-write letters to Santa, and send them via snail-mail. Plus, our local weatherman was the go-to source for knowing the whereabouts of Santa and his nine, tiny reindeer on Christmas Eve. But we'll stop complaining. You know, Santa is still watching, and we'd hate to end up on his naughty list. [From: AT&T, via: Newser]

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