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Gift Guide: Pioneer Elite KURO PRO 60-inch TV

Homebody, Cost No Object
Pioneer Elite KURO PRO-151FD 60-inch Plasma HDTV
For devout videophiles who don't go the projector route, there's still nothing that satisfies like plasma, and for plasmas, there's nothing that compares to a Pioneer Elite. The top-of-the-line KURO PRO-151FD represents the highest quality TV-watching experience possible (and a price tag to match it, at 6,500 clams). Naturally it's a 1080p 24fps set, and comes with a full complement of inputs, from 4 HDMI ports to USB. As for black levels, the sine qua non of plasmas, Pioneer ratcheted them to 5x darker than previous models, which is to say unbelievably great, even approaching the levels of Spinal Tap's Smell the Glove. Like a prosumer camera, virtually every setting can be manually tweaked, but nicely for those too shy (or lazy) to fiddle in settings menus, in Optimum Mode it automatically adjust video settings based on your living room's ambient conditions, and straight out of the box you shouldn't even need it anyway.

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