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Feel Like Quoting? MovieClips Finds 'the Droids You Were Looking For'

Do you know that guy who loves to quote, over and over again, his favorite line from his favorite movie? Of course you do, most of us roomed with him freshman year in college. Here's a suggestion: direct this poor guy to -- a new, online video service that launched in beta Wednesday. Better he add a few more lines to his arsenal, rather relentlessly quoting Will Ferrell in 'Old School.'

According to TechCrunch, features more than 12,000 free, streaming two-minute clips from the vaults of six major studios -- 20th Century Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros. Pictures. You can search clips by movie title, actor or actress, actions or mood, among others. Once you've found that unforgettable clip, you can give the scene a thumbs-up, list it as a favorite, or embed the video and share it with friends via Facebook or Twitter. If you really like the clip, there are links to Amazon and iTunes so you can purchase the full movie.

While the site boasts an impressive collection of clips at launch, we certainly hope the library keeps growing. To our dismay, there are no Quentin Tarantino clips (the guy behind some of the greatest lines in cinematic history), and for the tykes, Disney hasn't signed on to the service, either. But still, only minor complaints for a promising, young service. [From: TechCrunch and]

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