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Facebook More Popular than eBay, Wikipedia, and U.S.

Facebook More Popular than eBay, Wikipedia, and U.S.It's only been a couple of days since Facebook revealed that it had topped 350 million users -- exceeding the population of the United States. But that wasn't the end of the shocking statistics about Facebook usage. While speaking to journalists at the social network's U.K. headquarters, Facebook revealed that its 350 million members were producing 200 billion page views per month and uploading 2.5 billion photos (about 1,000 per second).

Facebook has become so huge that even some of its applications are drawing more traffic than many major Web sites. For instance, the addictive (and annoying) online game 'FarmVille' boasts 69 million players -- making it more popular than Twitter.

The stats place Facebook firmly in the top five most heavily trafficked Web sites. Its exact placement, and estimated unique visitors per month vary depending on whether you trust Alexa, Nielsen, or Compete (or in our case, none-of-the-above). But what is clear is that Facebook now draws almost as many visitors as Yahoo!, more than eBay or Wikipedia, and is gaining on the reigning king, Google.

Will Facebook every surpass Google? Not likely. But what it may miss in quantity it makes up in quality -- according to Nielsen, visitors to Facebook spend twice as much time there as viewers of Google. [From: TechRadar, Via: Download Squad]

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