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McAfee Warns Browsers of Cameroon and Romania, Australia's Okay

McAfee Tells You What Countries to Avoid Digitally
When it comes to booking your next holiday retreat, there are a number of places in the world you'd probably be unlikely to visit if you value your safety -- places like Iraq, Somalia, or Detroit. Digital locations are apparently no different. Anti-virus and computer security company McAfee has a map for you, and red most certainly means don't go.

The company has done a search of worldwide domains -- Internet addresses -- and categorized the unhealthy ones based on country. These are the websites that look real but are fake, trying to get user names, passwords, and other account information so that malicious folks can steal your precious infos. The worst of the worst? Cameroon. The country's domain identifier is .CM, which looks awfully close to .COM, meaning it's a place people often get to by accident. Meanwhile, Romania's .RO has the most viruses and malicious downloads, while good 'ol governmental domains, ending in .GOV, tend to be safest. At least politicians can do one thing right. [From: McAfee, via CNET]

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