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Groom Whips Out Phone at Altar to Switch Facebook Relationship Status

These days, a crazy stunt or theme at a wedding is par for the course. Maybe it's the potential to create a viral video sensation (as well as lasting memories), or maybe people are just plain weird. But hey, if it's true love, who are we to judge?

Take this couple in the video posted after the break, which we found on Mashable. The groom, Dana Hanna, is dressed in his crisp, black tuxedo. The bride, whose name we don't know, is glowing in her white dress. Looks like a normal wedding ceremony, right? Well, it was, until Hanna pulled out his phone and changed his relationship status on Facebook to 'married' right there at the altar. Quick on her feet, the bride follows suit, and the crowd gets a good laugh out of it. But it's the preacher who delivers the punchline. "If it's official on Facebook, it's official in my book," he says.

While this stunt went over well this time, we wouldn't recommend everybody try it. It takes a special person to find this funny and play along, too. Hanna is a lucky man to have her. [From: Mashable]

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