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Facebook Changes Privacy Settings, Ditches Regional Networks

Facebook Ditching Regional Networks
Late last night, Mark Zuckerberg, in his infinite, curly-haired wisdom, posted an open letter on Facebook. The topic? Facebook has passed the 350 million member mark. Oh, and more changes are coming [Cue angry mob, but we told you so yesterday.].

Now, now, now... before you go and get your pitchforks all in a bunch, wouldn't you like to hear what the changes are? First, Facebook will be getting rid of regional networks. [Angry mob rallies!]

Wait! Wait! There's more. [Angry mob pauses.]

Because regional networks have grown so large, using them to govern privacy has become cumbersome, if not completely useless. So Facebook has decided to remove regions -- but keep companies and schools -- and simplify privacy settings by allowing users to control what content is seen by friends, by friends of friends, and by all. This means that the new privacy settings, while simpler, actually allow more control. We like control, right? [Mob elicits begrudgingly affirmative grumbles.]

Now that everyone is calm, we must report that the privacy settings page will also be getting a bit of a face-lift that will combine some settings while exposing new ones. [Mob resumes being angry, sharpens pitchforks.]

And it's hard to blame the mob mentality. Facebook unleashes a few changes, users get in an uproar, and then before everyone can fully calm down from social networking-induced rage, more changes appear. People are still reeling from the last update to the Facebook home page, and with regional networks getting the boot, rumors of further changes only exacerbate the grumbling.

Then again, for all the complaining, people still aren't fleeing Facebook in droves -- as Zuckerberg himself points out in his announcement. We're pretty sure that Mark could go door to door, pour sugar in your gas tanks, yell at your pets, and defecate on your floors and you'd still keep logging in to Facebook. After all, we need our daily wall-posting fix... how else would we barrage our co-workers with updates and pictures about our adorable new kitten? [Angry mob swoons.] [From: Facebook]

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