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Holiday Letdowns: Nook Reader Delayed, CrunchPad Canceled

The Daily Engadget: Nook Reader Delayed, CrunchPad Canceled
Our friends over at Engadget obsessively cover everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics, which is why we compile this daily roundup of their top stuff (or, at least, what we think is tops). For more details on any of these stories, click on the Engadget links in each story below.

Nook Reader Pushed Back to January 11

It's the most commercial time of the year, and Barnes and Noble is sadly going to miss out on the best of it. Its oft-delayed Nook reader has just been pushed back again, now not expected to ship until January 11.

Michael Arrington's CrunchPad Gets Canceled

It turns out those early rumors of the CrunchPad's demise have come true. The device's chief evangelist has confirmed that the gadget will never come to market -- at least not as the CrunchPad.

2011 Chevy Volt Test Driven

Wondering what next-year's hottest hybrid is like to drive? Quite good, apparently.

Suma Sensor Adds 3D Input to Digital Games

Sony's Motion Controller uses wands and Microsoft's Natal uses a camera, but wouldn't you rather use something squishy? That's what the Suma offers -- a malleable surface that could change the way you play your games.

Flexio Radios are Tiny, Solar-Powered

FM may be dated, but it's not dead, and the Flexio radio makes it easier to listen to than before. It's a tiny, paper-thin, solar-powered radio that's skinny enough to be used as a bookmark. But, since it can't be tuned, it may not be all that useful.

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