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Judge Confiscates Boy's Wii, Will Return for Good Behavior

Parents know that if you want t to get an unruly kid's full and undivided attention (and make them tremble either out fear or anger), all you need to do is hide the TV remote, disconnect the WiFi, and take away the video game controllers.

A Canadian judge, who must be a parent, recently carried that family practice over to his courtroom when he ordered a young ruffian to hand over his Nintendo Wii. The Winnipeg Sun reports the troubled boy had been involved in numerous problems at school, including fights and instances of vandalism, so Judge Marvin Garfinkle decided that the creative confiscation of the Wii, and the promise of its return given certain requirements, might inspire the boy to curb his ways.

Some U.S. gamers might consider this the epitome of cruel and unusual punishment, but these types of atypical sentences, particularly for non-violent offenders, might be exactly what overcrowded U.S. prisons need. And, the sentence definitely beats getting sent to those teen boot camps. [From: The Winnipeg Sun via Yahoo]

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