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The Daily Engadget: AT&T Sues Verizon Over Ads, Beatles Go Digital

Our friends over at Engadget obsessively cover everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics, which is why we compile this daily roundup of their top stuff (or, at least, what we think is tops). For more details on any of these stories, click on the Engadget links in each story below.

AT&T Sues Verizon Over 'There's a Map for That' Ads
Verizon has "the network" and loves to flaunt that in its ads, but AT&T isn't so happy when it's on the receiving end of a little heckling, though, suing to take those spots off the air.

Beatles Catalog Released on Apple-Shaped USB Sticks
Sure, you could buy the CD re-release of the entire Beatles catalog, but why do that when the whole thing arrives on one charmingly apple-shaped USB stick?

T-Mobile Suffers Massive Outage
If you're a T-Mobile subscriber and had issues making calls yesterday, you certainly weren't alone.

Apple Tablet Rumor Roundup
Rumors of a tablet from Apple have been brewing for so long that if the company wasn't already working on one, surely it is by now. This post will get you up to speed.

AT&T's Shutters CruiseCast Service
It's rare that modern technology expires this quickly, but such is the case with CruiseCast, the in-car satellite system from AT&T that just launched in June and is now already dead.

DROID Has Multi-Touch, But Not Everywhere
One of the primary frustrations DROID for DROID owners is a lack of multi-touch browsing. It seems other apps will support multi-finger control, just not the stock ones, sadly.

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