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'Little Buddy Child Tracker' Uses GPS to Keep Tabs on Your Kids

Soon, parents can dump those embarrassing child leashes for a new GPS device that keeps tabs on their young ones. Simply strap the Insignia 'Little Buddy Child Tracker' to your little rug-rat (tape should work), or you could just slide it into a backpack or lunchbox, and send him or her out into the world. According to Navigadget, checking up on them is easy, too. Using a smartphone or computer, you'll just visit a Web site that will show their current location in real time. Unfortunately, the site can't confirm whether or not your child has been abducted by the creepy guy down the block while you weren't watching.

An initial $100 payment will get you the device, but don't forget, you'll most likely have to pay a monthly subscription fee, too. For some reason that we can't imagine, there are no details about just how much that fee could cost on the Little Buddy Child Tracker product page. With that in mind, it might be best to opt for a different child-tracking GPS. Besides, we heard Kate Gosselin already bought Insignia's entire stock. [From: Navigadget, via Ubergizmo]

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