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Windows 7 Whopper Caught on Video

Microsoft Attempting to Kill Customers with Windows 7 Whopper
Microsoft has tried various slightly odd marketing schemes to grab some attention for Windows 7 here in the U.S. ranging from distrubingly cute commercials and a partnership with 'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane to house parties that have received much deserved mocking. Overseas, the promotions have taken on an strange numerological slant, working "7" into everything. In the Netherlands it was 777 copies of the new OS for a town whose name translates to "Seven Houses." In Japan, it's mildly disgusting, and artery-clogging Windows 7 Whopper.

Burger King is offering, in Japan only, a special Windows 7 edition of the Whopper, that has seven beef patties. The heart-attack-on-a-bun will be available for one week (or seven days), to the first 30 customers each day, for ¥777. If you're not horrified yet, just check out the full-sized image below and watch the video of the Windows 7 Whopper's first victim after the break.

We can't understand what is being said, and there are no subtitles. Thankfully facial expressions don't need translation, and clearly this guy is wondering, "how the [expletive deleted] am I supposed to eat this?" [From: Engadget]

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