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Man Pleads Guilty to Driving a La-Z-Boy While Drunk

Drunk driving is one of those rare, universally inexcusable offenses. Getting blasted and getting behind the wheel endangers not only the driver, but innocent bystanders. Now, apparently, getting soused and lounging in La-Z-Boy can be just as dangerous.

At least that's the case for 62 year old Dennis LeRoy from Minnesota, who recently pleaded guilty to driving drunk while cruising in his homemade motorized easy chair. LeRoy allegedly downed no less than 8 beers at a bar one fateful night last August before mounting the chairmobile, which includes a lawnmower engine, headlights and a full stereo system (but of course). He and his 0.29 blood content alcohol then proceeded to wheel into a parked car.

Luckily, no one got hurt, which is great news considering the kind of carnage that lawnmower engines can inflict. But let's be honest, this chair looks incredible. Though his judgment skills leave much to be desired, you can't say Anderson isn't creative. Let's just hope he keeps it in the living room next time -- before the idea catches fire and Mel Gibson hops on a Hov-a-Round. [From: Boing Boing]

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