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LED Eyelashes Brighten Eyes... Unnaturally

Down in the dumps? Got a bad case of the Recession blues? Pints of Chunky Monkey and Gilmore Girls reruns not doing the trick anymore? Don't worry, ladies, a newly released cosmetic device may finally bring back that certain "twinkle" in your eye.

Designer Soomi Park's latest eyelash accessory features LED technology that brighten up the eyes of the wearer. The coolest thing, besides being able to land an airplane with the bat of a lash, is that the lashes are also connected to a tilt sensor, which turns the lights off and on with each head movement. According to the designer, the lashes were created as "a product that speaks to many Asian women's desire for bigger eyes." And how!

Who knows whether or not Western consumers would feel the same urge to turn their eyes into Christmas trees. And there's always the latent risk of someone shooting for Twiggy, and landing at Amy Winehouse. With Halloween just around the corner, though, someone could probably use them in just the right way to brighten up their costume. It's just that we've always been a little weary of any kind of high-tech devices getting near our irises, for fear that the effects could be truly horrific. [From: Make, via Fashioning Technology]

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