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Geek Up Your Pumpkin With 130 Nerdy Carving Ideas

Geeks absolutely love Halloween, since it finally enables them to don elaborate sci-fi and fantasy costumes without being mercilessly ridiculed. Not all nerds start planning their All Hallows' Eve decorations the second the New Year begins, though. For pumpkin procrastinators, (and those who spent too much time perfecting that 'G.I. Joe' Snake Eyes costume) Walyou has compiled an exhaustive list of carvings just for geeks, nerds, and dorks.

The incredibly diverse offerings -- 130 of them, to be exact -- encompass the full spectrum of dorkdom. 'Star Wars,' comic books, tech, video games, horror movies, and Bill Gates are covered and carved for the wannabe pumpkin Picassos. A few glaring omissions, though, since half of the pumpkin fun is watching them rot away, or explode on the street. We propose some notable dork bad guys like Jar Jar Binks and Scott "the 'Star Trek' destroyer" Bakula for starters. [From: Walyou]

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