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Retro Screensaver Plays Classic Nintendo Games

No one really uses screensavers these days. But if you grow bored with staring at a blank screen all day, there are actually some pretty cool ways to liven up your monitor. Screensavers aren't just meant for your viewing pleasure, either. The Nintendo Screensaver not only displays up to 60 classic Nintendo games on your screen, but according to OhGizmo!, with a simple keystroke you can jump into and begin playing any of the titles, too. You can blast away baddies at 'Contra' or help Mario rescue Princess Peach without your boss ever knowing the difference.

However, it might not be the best idea to run this emulator while at work. To play the games, the ROMs (digital copies of the original games) must be on your system, which would be frowned upon by management. It might be safer just to let pre-captured movies from your favorite NES games play on your monitor. After all, it's still much better than watching those flying toasters. Best of all, you won't end up getting the boot for improperly using your company's network connection. [From: Oh Gizmo!]

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