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Space Shooter Video Game Deletes Files From Your Hard Drive

Looking for a more exciting way to delete files from your computer other than simply dragging them into the trash bin? Game designer Zach Gage has created a space shooter that not only makes cleaning up your hard drive fun, but it makes the user ponder "choice and consequence, and by extension what it means to succeed or fail." Don't worry, 'Lose/Lose' isn't quite as heady as it sounds, but the game does have some very real consequences.

Essentially, it's a classic space shooter, like 'Galaga,' but in this game, when you destroy an alien space ship, it deletes a random file from your computer. It's Gage's attempt to make folks consider whether or not they should use a weapon just because it's available. The player's mission is never stated (you could just avoid the alien ships), but what else is a person supposed to do when throttling through another galaxy? When it comes to video games, sometimes aliens just need blastin'. [From:, via Geekologie]

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