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Eliminated 'American Idol' Game Programmer Lashes Out at 'Morons'

Hell hath no fury like a geeky programmer scorned. After 18 months of work and development, Raw Thrills has reportedly pulled the plug on its 'American Idol' arcade kiosk, which has led to some poignant and acerbic criticism from one of the game's creators.

According to Game Set Watch, programmer Cameron Silver said that the DVD-creating, green-screen karaoke kiosks "were killed on account of stupidity." While 'American Idol' devotees may mourn the loss of a game they never got a chance to experience, it has at least provided footage of some of the most uncomfortably terrible karaoke ever witnessed. Seriously. Just try to make it through an entire video (after the break). And, does anyone know why images of Vietnam, IV bags, and aircraft carriers would be flashing up during Pat Benatar's 'Heartbreaker?'

The velvety-smooth Silver went on to say that the doomed kiosks "would have been a star, if only they weren't blasted out of the sky by petty politics and brain-dead morons." Wait, didn't Paula leave the show? Ok, ok. That was too easy. [From: Game Set Watch]

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