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'Date Check' App Lets You Perform Background Checks on the Go

New iPhone App Lets You Perform Background Checks on the GoThe Internet has put an unsettling amount information at our fingertips. Now that the Web is finally usable on our phones, thanks to devices like the iPhone and Palm Pre, we can draw on this vast well of information (that many people would likely prefer remain private) anywhere we are.

One particularly creepy application appears thanks to Intelius, a company that provides a "people search" engine. The soon to be released 'Date Check' is a free app that lets you perform basic background checks on potential mates. While the app itself is free, the checks are not. After entering a person's name or cell phone number, 'Date Check' performs one of several types of searches, like 'Sleaze Detector,' which searches for a criminal background, 'Net Worth' provides details about a person's assets including property, and 'Interests' scours social networking sites for personal details.

The searches will cost up to $40 apiece when the app launches this fall. With Android and BlackBerry versions already in the works, it's only a matter of time before we're all a click and a charge away from knowing everything we could ever need to know about our dinner partner.

This is exactly the sort of thing that makes us want to drop completely off the grid. [From: ABC News]

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