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iPhone MMS Is Finally Live: Time to Party Like It's 2003

iPhone MMS is Finally Live, Time to Party Like it's 2003
Guess what, iPhoners? You've finally joined the 21st century -- multimedia messaging (MMS) is officially live and functioning. Plug your iPhone into iTunes, run a quick update (it took us literally three seconds), and reboot your phone to get access to all the multimedia messaging fun that most other phones have had access to since 2003.

You've seen the screenshots of MMS in action before, but we added some up top just to remind you what it looks like, since you probably haven't seen them in a few years. As with everything else in this world, the masses have taken to Twitter to voice their (mock?) excitement. As one person points out, the iPhone is finally as high-tech as the RAZR.

So go get your update on, and start trading snapshots with your friends like it was 2003. [From: Engadget and TUAW]

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