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Best of the Week: Kanye Finally Lets Us Finish, Terrifying Leaping Bots

Yo, last week, you were good and all, and I'm gonna let you finish, but this week was the best week ever. Things happened this week. Big things. The last seven days have brought a flurry of activity, like Kanye West interrupting poor Taylor Swift at the VMAs inspiring a hugely popular Kanye meme. Or the epic battle between a man, his beloved garlic, and an ISP as a metaphor for rural society rejecting technology. And while this may not be news to some, the opening of a 'Harry Potter' theme park made our personal front pages. While the rest of the world was off reading legitimate news sources (and possibly getting infected with viruses because of it), we diligently monitored the lines and discovered that Warren Buffet's inability to check voice mail may have caused the recession. No need to thank us, we are just doing our jobs. Other things to thank us for:

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