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99 Cent iPhone Case Made From Recycled Cardboard

99 Cent iPhone Case Made From Recycled Cardboard
It's no surprise that with the whole world in a bit of a financial pickle a fad like papercraft has really taken off. Paper is cheap, readily available, and disposable. It also makes sense then that some companies would try and capitalize on this new meme and make a quick buck.

If you're among the cash-strapped during this economic downturn, and too lazy to fold your own paper goods, Case-Mate has your back with its Recession Case. In addition to costing a measly 99 cents, this environmentally friendly case is 100-percent recycled cardboard. You can even get a free personalized message scrawled on it in "Sharpie Script," which actually involves some poor schmuck scribbling on your case with a permanent marker.

At only $0.99, with free shipping and handling, its hard to come up with a reason not to buy one. We're gonna pick up a "Bailout Bundle" which nets you ten cases for $7.99. [From: Crave]

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