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Microsoft Finally "Blessing" Macs With Outlook E-Mail

Microsoft Finally
Microsoft is doing its part to heal the Mac / PC divide. The next version of Office for Mac will ditch Entourage (icon pictured above) and replace it with a proper version of the slightly less awful Outlook. Now PC and Mac users will be able to come together at the table and voice the same frustrations with Outlook's unreasonably slow search performance, convoluted interface, barely functioning archiving features, and borderline useless HTML rendering.

Redmond is even making concessions to the Cupertino crowd by building the Mac version of Outlook from the ground up for better integration with OS X, and providing access to your stores of e-mail through Spotlight search.

We applaud Microsoft's attempt at bridging the gap between the Apple and Windows camps, and finally offering proper Exchange support. It's only fair -- after all Apple was "kind" enough to dump Safari on the PC-using public. [From: DownloadSquad]

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