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Morning Xtra: Nintendo Sales Drop, WinMo Renamed Windows Phone?

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • According to the Inquirer, Microsoft accidentally let slip yesterday that it will be changing the name of its mobile operating system, from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. Although that's not much of a change, Windows Mobile is definitely due for a revamp. [From: The Inquirer]
  • Nintendo's years-long joyride of improbably good sales had to end someday: today, the company announced significant drops in sales and profits for the last quarter. Don't expect the dour days to last though, with the recent release of 'Wii Sports Resort' and the forthcoming 'Super Mario Brothers Wii,' it won't be long before Nintendo is back in the driver's seat. [From: Venturebeat]
  • We're not surprised that there's a lawsuit pending in the case of an EMT posting a photo of a murdered woman at a crime scene onto Facebook -- but it boggles the mind that the litigating attorney wants to implicate Facebook enough to "shut it down." [From: Fox News]
  • A joint experiment between the Russian Institute for Biomedical Problems and the European Space Agency to simulate a trip to Mars packed a group of six volunteers into a mock spacecraft for more than three months. Not surprisingly, the crew had issues with boredom. A similar, 520-day simulation is set to begin next year. [From: New Scientist]
  • A number of West African nations have been almost completely cut off from the Internet, thanks to an unknown problem with an undersea data line from Europe. Mobile phone service, broadband, and banking have been crippled by nearly 70-percent in the worst-hit areas. [From: BBC]
  • recently surveyed consumers about how they back up their digital data -- surprisingly, 28-percent said they had never backed up their music. Not so surprising: younger people back up photos to the Web more than twice as often as older generations. [From: PriceGrabber]
  • Yesterday Kodak showed off the new HD-shooting (1080p) Zi8 camcorder. The pocket cam comes with gyroscopic image stabilization, a line-in jack for hooking up high quality mics, and the usual SD card slot, supporting up to 32GB of storage. The Zi8 features a unique variation on the "USB arm" (standard on these microcamcorders); the USB plug is bendable, making it easier to hook into your computer. [From: Kodak]

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