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Should Competitive Video Gaming Be in the Olympics?

Now that competitive gaming is getting so darn competitive, there's growing sentiment amongst pro-gamers that virtual games should be added to the Olympic games.

At a recent photo shoot, asked the four athletes set to appear on the cover of Sega's video game based on the 2010 Olympics whether they thought this was a good idea. Unsurprisingly, the response was much more positive from the athletes who actually play video games. Still, none of the athletes seemed fully behind the idea, the consensus being that games don't involve the actual physical demands that make their sports so intensive and Olympics-worthy.

"(Gaming is) definitely a sport," Canadian snowboarder Matthew Morison told Wired. "But an Olympic sport? I'm a little iffy on that one. (Olympic) athletes can use brute force to make their way through to do their event, while in gaming you have to use hand-eye coordinate and strategy but it's less physical."

Likewise, Canadian speed skater Kristina Groves thinks that there's nothing quite like the real thing. "You can't just imitate the sport; the whole idea of sport is doing it."

Of course, one question is immediately raised: if this were to actually happen, would video game competitions be included in the summer or winter games? [From:]

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