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Morning Xtra: Spacey's Facebook Film, Apple Leads Premium Sales

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • Actor Kevin Spacey talks to MTV News about 'The Social Network,' a new film he's producing based on the creation of Facebook. He wouldn't mention who might be cast as college-aged founder Mark Zuckerberg, but if it's Shia Lebeouf, we swear we're quitting movies. [From: MTV News]
  • So what if Microsoft's 'Laptop Hunters' ads claim that Apple's computers are too expensive? Market research firm NPD has announced that Apple now has a 91-percent market share in premium computers costing more than $1,000. [From: Betanews]
  • Last month, Facebook allowed its users to register vanity URLs for their profiles. In case you regret your choice, Facebook's giving you a do-over, but make it good -- you only get one. [From: Download Squad]
  • Despite Microsoft executive Kevin Turner bragging about how Apple demanded the company pull its 'Laptop Hunters' ads since Apple had lowered its prices, Microsoft has given in and adjusted one of its spots. The ad in question has been pulled from YouTube and replaced with a reedited version. [From: Business Insider]
  • In time for the 40th anniversary of Comic-con, Google released a slew of new comic themes for its iGoogle homepage. Rock your page with heroes like Iron Man and Batman, or take things back a few years with a Peanuts-themed page. [From: Google Blog]

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