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Meeting Ticker Puts a Price on Wasted Time

Meeting Ticker Calculates Money Wasted on Meetings
Have you ever wondered how much money is being wasted at those lengthy company meetings that never stay on topic? You get ten people in a room to discuss some new project, but spend half the time discussing last night's game or the latest celebrity sex tape.

One way to keep everyone on track is to visualize how much money the company is paying for its employees to sit around chatting. The Meeting Ticker, a program written by Toby Tripp, Lydia Tripp, and Roy Kolak, is a simple Web app that keeps tabs on the cost of meeting time. Enter the number of attendees, the average hourly salary, and the start time of the meeting, and it starts counting up the dollars and cents wasted on what was likely an unnecessary gathering. Just fire it up on your laptop, turn it around for all to see, and watch your manager start to sweat. [From: Meeting Ticker]

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