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World's Loudest Horn Heard 9.3 Miles Away

In New York, home of Switched HQ, there's nothing worse than car horns. Ineffectual, annoying, and never really helping any situation, horn blasts plague us on a regular basis. So when we heard that Break user cheeta55 took the horn from a World War II navy destroyer and attached it to his trunk, we shuddered.

When he tested it, the horn was heard at a restaurant up the highway in California 9.3 miles away. As the video above shows, the haunting and massive sound is a cross between a foghorn and the Tripods in 'War of the Worlds'. The driver -- surely the bane of any morning commuter -- seems to enjoy testing the horn in abandoned tunnels and on back highways. Fine with us, as long as we aren't assailed on Broadway during our lunch break. [From: TechEBlog]

Wacky Sign Hacks and Mistakes

    In 2008, a group of students at MIT pasted funny "DANGER" signs all around campus. Even the school's Visual Arts Center can't escape the ubiquitous Rickroll.

    Hackers, seemingly pushing a pro-green agenda, figured out how to change the messages displayed on signs at the University of Toronto in Canada.

    On first glance, this sign appears to offer up a normal set of bilingual directions. If you read Welsh, you may notice the problem -- the bottom translates to "I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated." Looks like someone was slacking on the job, and the e-mail away message ended up pasted onto a sign.

    This construction sign on the MIT campus was hacked in 2007 to alert drivers first that the sign had been hacked. The sequence was followed with, "Mass ave bridge closed," "Sunday 04/22/07 6am-3pm," and "to appease Godzilla."

    This street sign in Reno City, Nevada was modded by the Glenn Group, an advertising company. While at first it doesn't seem to have anything to do with traffic, it may have helped combat road rage.

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