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Best Gadgets for Summer

Ah, the dog days of summer. It's the perfect time of year – for gadget hounds! Just because you're enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer doesn't mean you can't pep it up with a little technological help. To make it easier, we've assembled 10 gadgets that will enhance your summer days.

Verizon Wireless G'zOne Boulder
Dropping your cell phone in the pool is usually the end of the story. This bad boy can be immersed more than three feet deep and still survive. It's also dust- and shock-proof for you mountain biking enthusiasts.

Digital Camera Mask
Divers who want to keep their hands free will appreciate the Scuba Series HD320 from Liquid Image. Its 5-megapixel camera will snap clear shots of sea life up to 5 meters (about 16 feet) deep. Just be careful if you see someone wearing this at the local pool--especially if you're in a bikini.

Lawnbott LB3500
Mowing the grass is no fun, but this automated mower is like a Roomba for your yard. Program when you'd like it to kick on and the Lawnbott will go to work. You, meanwhile, can just sit on your porch and enjoy a beer.

Remote Control Snack Float
It's such a hassle to leave the pool to grab a bite to eat. Why bother, though? With this float, you can have food and up to five drinks sent directly to your float. Just remember to fill it up before diving in.

Air-Conditioned Bed
This bed's only available in Japan, but we still have big geek lust over it. Kuchofuku, makers of air-conditioned shirts, have added a bed to their lineup that gently blows cool air on you as you sleep. The price is just over $250. The trick is getting it delivered.

We get it. You simply must keep up with your e-mail at the pool -- and you don't have a BlackBerry. This mini pop-tent shades your laptop, offers protection from summer showers and lets you see the screen. Handy, but c'mon, do you realize how dorky you look surfing the Web in your swimsuit?

Rideable Cooler
Lugging a cooler around is hard work. Why carry what you can drive, though? This cooler comes with an electric motor and can hit speeds of 14 mph. It can also carry up to 24 12-ounce cans and carry 8 pounds of ice. Naturally, it also comes with a cup holder.

VholdR ContourHD
Whether you're taking a hike, mountain biking or trying a stunt on your skateboard, now you can show people exactly what you saw - in high definition. This wearable camcorder attaches to your helmet and records up to eight hours of video. Just be warned – it will also film your wipeouts.

BBQ Branding Irons
You're proud of your barbecue skills. Now you can put your mark on every steak and burger you cook. This branding iron won't make food taste better, but when people want to kiss the cook, they'll know exactly who to look for.

Meatball Grill Basket
A meatball craving in the summer used to mean heating up the kitchen and making people miserable. Not anymore! Now you can cook 'em on the grill and add a smoky flavor to your sub or pasta. Cleaning the basket is reportedly a pain, but every craving has its price.

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