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Morning Xtra: India ID'ing All Its Citizens, Natal Coming to PCs, Too

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....

  • India plans to issue unique numbers and biometric ID cards to every one of its 1.2 billion citizens, many of whom have no documented proof of existence. Officials hope to store all the data online in what's intended to be the Fort Knox of all databases. [From: The Times UK]
  • Bouquet tosses at weddings can get scrappy, but one at a recent Italian wedding turned into a scramble to avoid fiery death when the bride's bouquet was sucked into a small plane's engine, causing it to crash into a hostel. [From: Neatorama]
  • Woah now! Bill Gates is saying that Microsoft's motion-sensing Natal game controller will be available for PCs and support office-related gestures. Wave your hand to reboot Word when it crashes! [From: DVICE]
  • Pizza Hut has become the first pizza chain with an iPhone app. Aside from letting you place orders, the free app comes with games to play while you wait for your cheesy-calorie-injection-in-a-box. Details are slim, but we're hoping it prompts you to jog in place if you order the Philly Meatball Double Cheese Stuf'd Crust Supreme. [From: Ad Age]
  • After a mysterious tweet from a Twitter client called Penguin FB, the rumor mill is grinding that Facebook may be developing a Twitter app. [From: Mashable]
  • There's all kinds of speculation about the iPhone leaving AT&T next year, but nothing official yet. The most likely carrier to take over the wunder-phone would be Verizon, but what would this mean for AT&T? [From: LA Times]

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