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Recreating 'Star Wars' on the Web, 15 Seconds at a Time

Casey Pugh, an enterprising blogger and Vimeo employee, has embarked on an auspicious film project bringing together hundreds of amateur contributors on Vimeo to recreate 'Star Wars,' piece by piece. He broke down the first film, 'Star Wars: A New Hope,' into 473 15-second clips and put them up on for the Web community to claim and create their own interpretations. Pugh said that he will piece together the fan submissions to recreate the film for the whole world to watch -- he's fine if it's "littered with home movies, animation, live action, abstract, comedy, or even stop motion" sequences.

All 473 clips were claimed within four days, and as of now there are three completed scenes. One of the three is a particularly impressive employment of stop-motion photography, using toy figurines to depict an iconic scene between Han and Luke. One submission is abysmal, though, using only one actor to simultaneously play the role of multiple Jawas.

If more awful reinterpretations are added to the mix, the final product could prove incredibly painful to watch. While the film could provide some hilarious moments, perhaps Pugh should have started at the beginning with 'The Phantom Menace.' Fans could actually make improvements to that blunder, and they certainly couldn't make it much worse. [From: via Urlesque]

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