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Canadian Thieves Return Stolen Monitors to Church, With an Apology

Residents of Kelowna, British Columbia were shocked and appalled when, in early June, thieves pilfered dozens of computer screens from a resident's driveway, according to The Province. Kelowna General Hospital had donated the monitors to Trinity Baptist Church, and had planned to then distribute the screens to impoverished hospitals in Cameroon, Africa.

As a church volunteer loaded the monitors in his driveway on June 11th, the unknown perps swiped 31 of the screens, prompting local police to appeal to the community for help. Someone contacted the church and stated that they knew the whereabouts of the thieves. Soon after, 29 of the monitors reappeared in the original driveway with a handwritten note attached that read, "Sorry for the trouble hope you forgive us hope those kids in Africa enjoy." The church now plans to ship the monitors to Africa at the end of July.

Constable Steve Holmes told The Province that he believes the repentant thieves returned the goods because they were feeling the heat from snitches and law enforcement. Reflecting on the fact that twelve additional monitors were donated as a result of the local media's coverage of the theft, Senior Pastor Wayne Alguire of Trinity Baptist attributed the outcome to more divine circumstances, saying, "God does work in mysterious ways." Deus ex machina, indeed. Or, perhaps machina ex deus would be more appropriate in this particular situation. [From: The Province]

Busted... by Technology

    Always Turn Off Stolen GPS Units
    It was only a matter of time before some numbskull criminal stole a GPS-equipped car or phone, but we didn't expect someone to steal live GPS units. A group of crooks in Lindenhurst, NY swiped 14 functioning GPS devices from the Town of Babylon Public Works. Understandably, authorities had no trouble tracking them down.

    Security Cam Catches Tattooed Thief
    We're not going to pass judgement on the type of tattoo you get, but you might want to think about what it says before you start getting into crime. Aaron Evans, a 21-year-old U.K. repeat offender, was caught stealing a car's GPS unit because the nearby CCTV captured the tattoo on his neck. It revealed his birthday and name...

    Laptop Auto-Uploads Photo of Thief to the Web
    This guy may be the unluckiest thief ever. Several laptops disappeared from a Vancouver, BC company; fortunately, one particular laptop was loaded with software that snapped photos when opened. The images of this guy were uploaded to Flickr. As a result, the man became a mini-Internet sensation, and he turned himself in, claiming he bought the laptop from a friend, at a local police station.

    Things Not to Do After Stealing a Cell Phone
    Gary Walker, an Ohio resident, stole a woman's phone while she had temporarily stepped out of her car to check a street sign. He proceeded to snap a shot of himself with the hot phone's camera. Later, when the victim went online and downloaded her data to transfer it to a new phone, Gary's mug popped up. The rest, as they say, is history.

    This 25-year-old Brit cultivator of cannabis decided to post videos -- under his real name -- of his cash crop on YouTube. English police saw the clips and he was soon tracked down and arrested.

    Girl Recovers Stolen Mac By Remotely Activating Its Webcam
    A White Plains, New York girl was the victim of burglary; over $5,000 worth of electronics, including iPods, a flatscreen TV, and a new Macintosh computer were stolen. A few days later, a friend noticed that the burglary victim appeared to be online, but called her to make sure. Because the stolen Mac was running Back to My Mac, the victim was able to log into the computer remotely and snap a picture of the thief. Turns out the thieves were "friends" who had visited the victim's apartment several weeks earlier.

    Teen Arrested After Bragging About Arson on Security Cameras
    A pregnant Los Angeles teen was arrested earlier after allegedly starting seven fires near her home. 19-year-old Amanda Gessner was caught after convenience store cameras caught her chanting, "The fire company is gonna be
    mad at me!" She was certainly right about that!

    Would-Be Voyeur Puts Spy Cam in Restroom, Leaves Video of Himself
    An upstate New York man installed a camera in a unisex bathroom. The camera was discovered soon after installation, and police found he'd left a video of himself on the camera. Police are still looking for the man.

    Forklift Tricks on YouTube
    If you're going to show off your sweet forklift driving skills to your buddies, it's probably best to just do it in person. 20-year-old Australian Matthew Garry Ward uploaded a video of safety-violating forklift tricks to YouTube, and was reported to authorities after a coworker passed the video along to the boss.

    Laser Pointer Shenanigans
    Remember those time-sucking high school pep rallies where some loser would whip out a laser pointer and temporarily blind people in the bleachers? This 15-year-old genius from California, was arrested after shining his laser beam at a police helicopter.

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