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'Twittersblogs' the Latest Phishing Scam to Hit Twitter

Social networking sites Twitter and Facebook have become popular hunting grounds for scammers, as updates and instant messages provide easy methods of attracting prey. A new phishing scheme has emerged this week, similar to previous Twitter and Facebook phishing scams, that incorporates direct messages with phony links.

According to, on Monday morning, hundreds of tweets (reading "omg!! is it true what they wrote about you in their tweet blog?") began to spread through Twitter with a link to The site looks exactly like the Twitter login page, and the messages are intended to attract people into entering their login information. This enables the scammers to hijack the victim's account in order to continue disseminating the fake message to the compromised twitterer's followers.

It's wise to always remain wary of unknown links, especially those that prompt you for information. If someone attempts to grab your attention with a "Yo, check this out!" or a "Read what someone wrote about you!" it's important to remember that their intentions are most likely devious. [From:]

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