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Toyota Developing a Mind-Controlled Wheelchair

It seems, after decades of ridiculous television and sci-fi predictions, that we're rapidly moving toward becoming a race of 6 million dollar men and bionic women that can manipulate technology simply using mind control. Finally. Recent innovations, including implanted microelectrodes and "learning" neural implants, allow disabled men and women to control prosthetic limbs using brain waves.

Toyota Motor Corp. now claims to have developed a wheelchair that users can move and steer without physically moving a muscle, reports USA Today. A brain wave-reading transmits signals from the rider to an electroencephalograph (EEG) located on the chair. A computer program analyzes those signals and transmits corresponding commands to the wheelchair, moving the user forward, left, or right almost instantly. Prior technology could read such brain wave commands over several seconds, but Toyota contends that its technology can decipher the brain signals within milliseconds.

Honda is also currently developing technology through which a person can manipulate mechanisms using brain waves, so it appears that hands-free cars may actually be on the horizon. Which may mean people can actually spend their daily drive to work doing something important, like texting (without running someone off the road). [From: USA Today]

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