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Morning Xtra: Shaq Learns of Trade by Tweet, Wii Battle: Tiger vs. Fallon

Shaq Traded, Notified on Twitter
The Twitterverse is weird. NBA star Shaquille O'Neal was traded to the Cleveland Caveliers last night, but he didn't find out from his agent or from the Cavs' management. Nope, Shaq allegedly first heard about his new home in Cleveland via a tweet from a fan who somehow got the news before the big man. Check out TechCrunch for the full details on this bizarre story. [From: TechCrunch]

'Late Night' Videogame Showdown
Our favorite late-night talk show host (nope, not Conan) is taking on our favorite athlete in a showdown of video gaming prowess. Who will prevail, the guy with his name on the show or the guy with his name on the game? It's Jimmy Fallon versus Tiger Woods in 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10' tonight; we're picking Tiger to win by a couple hundred shots. You know, because he's Tiger Woods, y'all. [From: Joystiq]

OLPC Bringing New Life to Old Devices
As you read this on your shiny new MacBook or Dell Adamo, there are hundreds of old PCs gathering dust on forlorn desks across the continent rendered obsolete by inadequate motherboards and insufficient processors. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project resulted in an affordable, easy-to-use notebook that has brought computing to impoverished children around the world. Now, an OLPC spinoff has a USB-bootable operating system that will breathe new life into your forgotten PCs. Do you hear the birds singing? [From: BBC]

Wireless Charging on the iPhone
The Palm Pre wins major cool points for its ability to charge wirelessly with the Touchstone accessory. Now the same capability is coming to the iPhone by way of an $80 add-on from WildCharge. [From: PC World]

Australia Banning Unsuitable Video Games From Everyone
According to BoingBoing, Australia is inexplicably going to start banning all Web-based games deemed unsuitable for children under 15. The country-wide Web filtering isn't just limited to kids; citizens over 15 will not be able to access the games, either. According a commenter on BoingBoing, video games are now officially worse than porn. [From: BoingBoing]

Windows 7 Pricing Gets Official
Our colleagues over at Engadget have just gotten word about official Windows 7 pricing. Here's how it breaks down. Upgrades from XP or Vista run $199.99 to $219.99, and a full retail disk runs from $199.99 all the way up to $319.99, depending on which version you get (Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate). Starting tomorrow, Microsoft will make available a limited number of pre-order, discounted updates for $49.99 (Home Premium) and $99.99 (Professional), but these will surely sell out quickly. So hop on it fast if you're short on change. [From: Engadget]

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